The Least

‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’   -Matthew 25:40 
Dear CBC Family,

The other night I went to speak to a group of men and women who were living in a rehab facility. The stories they gave about their lives were heartbreaking.

I met a man in his late 20s who had already been shot ten times in his young life. He had never had a home and his drug addicted mother used to leave him in abandoned sheds on people’s property while she went out and did her own thing for hours at a time. I met a woman who had her kids taken away and would never see them again because she doesn’t even know where they were sent. Her entire family had written her off and she didn’t have a friend in the world. These lives reflect the pain and devastation of addiction.

When I arrived, I felt a great sadness, and burden, for this group of people. They looked like “sheep without a shepherd.” Thery had been exposed to many different “speakers” but they knew very little about the Bible. You could quickly discern that they really didn’t know what a relationship with Christ was all about. The thought that they could be delivered from drugs and alcohol was completely foreign to their understanding. All they could expect was to continue to cycle through different facilities and never actually come to know freedom.

Long story short, God had other plans! He blessed His word, and it did NOT return void. I believe God bought a new birth to some of those present. We had a sweet time of prayer together and encouraging the men and women to trust that God could, AND WOULD, deliver them. We gave them some instruction on how to see that happen and how to apply the word that they just heard.

Afterwards, we were asked if we would come back, which I was pretty humbled by, but the greatest thing asked was if they could all come and visit CBC. Obviously, I said yes. So, if the Lord wills, we will have this group of people come by in the near future as our guests. As far as us continuing to do ministry there I would need some help. If that interests you then let me know.

This weekend as we prep for Easter, we will be looking at Revelation 18 in a sobering study of God’s justice against sin which paves the way to celebrate God’s deliverance from that justice in Christ. We will all have a good history lesson as well which will show the reality of the human condition apart from redemption in Jesus. I pray you will join us and then take the truth and use it in the week leading up to Good Friday. Make this year count for eternity!

Good Friday is 5:30 PM on 3/29 and Easter is 10:00 AM 3/31. No service on Saturday. Be bold and courageous!






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