Easter Weekend

Dear CBC Family,

I wanted to write to keep you updated on the schedule for the Easter weekend. On Good Friday (April 7th) we will have a communion service at 5:30 PM. This is an all-family event and there will not be children’s ministry. The service will be an hour. We will have a brief devotional to remember the cost of our redemption and then participate in the Lord’s Table.

There will not be a Saturday service on the 8th but ONLY the Sunday morning (10:00 AM) for Easter weekend.  The Sunday service will be a time of great celebration and it is the perfect opportunity to invite someone who needs Christ to attend. People kind of expect it so why not do so?

We will not have the Revelation class on the 6th so that we can focus on Good Friday. I will be sending out homework this weekend. We will try and cover chapters 9 and 10. This will be a verse by verse study even though you already have a good idea about what is taking place. Remember that if you have any questions on the book please just email me and I will incorporate them into the class.

Lastly, this is for the men, we will be building our new gazebo in the old playground on Saturday the 8th. If you are willing to give a few hours to help us get this built then please join us. The project “foreman” is Matt Genes. You can speak to one of us this weekend and we will give you all the details.

This weekend is a regular schedule with Saturday at 5:00 PM and Sunday at 10:00 AM. We will continue to look at what God says about His worship. Some things will need to be deconstructed so that other things can take their place. I am really excited about what God is doing here in this area.


Pastor Scott




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