The Power of the Kingdom

Dear CBC Family,

I want to make you aware of two things happening here behind the scenes. After much research and prayer, we are moving forward with two different items that will save the church some significant money.

The first of these is we have decided to refinance the church mortgage. This will save us around $4,000 per month on the mortgage. This loan is for five years with, should we decide to continue, an additional five at the then going rate. Just so you are aware, the standard commercial loan is only five years so the option for an additional five could be significant down the road. We signed all the documents yesterday so it should fund in the next thirty days. The value of the building in now well above the required 80% loan to value number, which had been hurting us previously. We thank the Lord and all those who continue to stand with us financially, for enabling us to get to this point. This is a great accomplishment!

Secondly, after navigating through the complexities of solar for more than a year, we have signed off on the church solar project which should save us a minimum of $20,000 a year. This project has been exhausting as companies promised one thing and then couldn’t deliver, eventually bring this project to a halt. I am grateful for the team who worked tirelessly to bring this to pass. Installation should begin as soon as permits are secured and the site is inspected by the contractor.

We are finished with “civil disobedience and submission to authority” for a while. I believe we all now know how we are to handle these matters in the future. God’s ways are simple if we have an eye to see, an ear to hear and depend upon His Spirit to do it! This Sunday we will be back in Romans 12 and studying Paul’s admonition to live the Christian life by the power of that same Spirit. This is where the real power lies!

Blessings to you all,

Pastor Scott




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