My Heart’s Prayer

Dear CBC Family,

I was asked a question this morning by email from a listener who asked how I would respond to someone who said “I was born this way” who was struggling with homosexuality, or any other behavior. I believe the modern responses of our day most often sound like one is apologizing for sin or what God says. How sad that we have come to this that God’s people would be ashamed of truth. It isn’t important what I would say in these instances but only what God has said. So, if someone says “I was born this way” the scriptural response is “the Bible says you must be born again.” Don’t bunny trail into human philosophy or ethics. Stick with the Bible and give them the gospel.

The concrete guys are doing some work around the church today getting ready to pour in the next few days. The original pour date is set, no pun intended, for this Saturday and I am hoping that it will still be so. In any case, please be careful around the front of the building.

This weekend you may want to attend Saturday night. The reason for that is we have two additional events that will not take place on Sunday morning. They are a baby dedication for the Frank’s and a baptism for a new attender to the fellowship. These are special times and sharing them as a family makes them even more so.

The study this weekend I called “My Heart’s Prayer” after Romans 10:1. I spoke a couple of weeks ago about the “right desire” and this weekend I want to exhort you into the “right action”. Remember that a biblical Christian has both. Right feeling and right doing are the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Before we reject this with a cry of “faith alone”, which I love by the way, remember that Paul clearly sees “obedience” and “faith” as equivalent terms in his thinking and writing, as do John and James. Justification precedes faithful obedience! Justification is the source of the power to obey! These things are not irrelevant but critical. Those who are faithful are those who are His! (John 14:21)

Blessings to all who are His!

Pastor Scott




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