Let us hear

Matthew 13:13 "This is why I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand."

Dear CBC Family,

This weekend we have a special treat since it is the fifth weekend of the month. That means that we will have everyone inside the sanctuary for the service, both young and old. We will be continuing in our study of the parables. Remember that the parables are given by Jesus to reveal secrets about the kingdom of God.

The parables form approximately one third of Jesus’ recorded teachings. That alone should grab our attention. When you add to it that the parables have only one theme, which is the secrets of the kingdom of God, that makes them even more significant.

A parable is much more than a simple story. They are not “fairy tales” with a good moral ending. They are the carriers of divine truth that is hidden from most people. If we are to understand them then we need the Holy Spirit to reveal what He has hidden.

There are about 33 parables recorded in the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke). The Gospel of Luke contains both the largest total number of parables 24 and eighteen unique parables; the Gospel of Matthew contains 23 parables of which eleven are unique; and the Gospel of Mark contains eight parables of which two are unique.

At our current rate of one parable a quarter then it will take us more than 7 years to cover them all! We have looked at 4 so far. There is so much for us to learn and grow in that I sometimes wish we met more than once per week.

I am greatly looking forward to seeing you all this weekend. Please know that you are loved.


Pastor Scott




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