Fight the Good Fight

Dear CBC Family,

When Christians stop memorizing Scripture and only google the Bible, the loss is great. Memorizing portions of scripture encourages our faith, helps us fight sin, deepens our understanding of God and His Word, informs our prayers, and fuels our witness to unbelievers. When church members memorize God’s Word together, they grow in unity, spiritual maturity, and perseverance in the faith.

How can we revive this essential spiritual discipline? I’m so glad you asked. I am excited to tell you that we will begin churchwide scripture memorization beginning in 2023. We will be using the “Fighter Verses” resource from Desiring God ( . This will permeate all of our ministries, and we will all be memorizing the same text from our kids all the way though the adults. I believe this will bear a lot of fruit in our local body.

As a reminder, we are having a young adult potluck on Saturday, November 26th right after service. This will be a great opportunity for post-high school adults from 18 to late 20s to get together and grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ while also having some fun activities. If you know of someone in this age group, why not refer them to this group?

This weekend, we will finish up our study on the Kingdom of God and then get into Romans 12 and see how “living by the power of the Spirit” is the only way to live the life Paul is teaching us to live. Walking by the Spirit is not only possible but also probable, if we simply learn to yield to His reign in our lives.

Don’t forget that we turn the clocks back an hour on Sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. If you happen to forget, you will be at church an hour earlier than normal -- for some, that might mean on time. 😊

Blessings to you church,

Pastor Scott




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