Delighting to Fear the Name of the Lord

Dear CBC Family,

This weekend we will be looking at Romans 12:19-21 in a message called “Leave it to the wrath of God.” I had many questions about last weekend’s study from the same text so I decided we would push a little deeper into the topic of God’s holy wrath.

God’s wrath is his response to sin. God does not take vengeance on the innocent. When he repays with vengeance, we know there has been sin and thus there is something to repay. Since he is absolutely just, that repayment will be a perfect vengeance. It will not be more or less than his infinite justice demands.

The wrath of God is God’s anger toward sin expressed in the repayment of appropriate vengeance on the guilty sinner. The wrath of God is eternal, terrible, deserved, and yet escapable, because of the death and resurrection of Christ.

While many in our day ignore, or even deny, the wrath of God it is something the Bible speaks on quite often. We will learn how a right response and understanding of the wrath of God not only fuels proper worship but gives the Holy Spirit a basis for transforming power in our lives.

Join us this week as we learn about the reverence and the fear of knowing the true God.

Nehemiah 1:11: “O Lord, let your ear be attentive to the prayer of your servants who delight to fear your name.”  


Pastor Scott




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