Close Call

Dear CBC Family,

Yesterday I was driving with Nathan and the front brake caliper fell off the frame of the car. The instant loss of brakes was very scary. Providentially, we were not on a crowded road and were only going 45 miles an hour. I used the emergency brake to slow us down and we managed to stop without hitting any cars or pedestrians. It was quite the experience. When we got the car back to the house I took the tire off and found that the bolt that holds the top part of the caliper on was completely missing. It wasn’t broken, it was gone. I know it was there two days ago as I rotated the tires and saw it. A mechanic asked if I had any enemies and I told him that as a pastor I probably have some. He said “maybe someone didn’t like your last sermon.”

I spoke with my son about our experience which was really fruitful. Each of us are headed towards the time when we will leave this earth and enter into the presence of our Creator. We need to be ready to go because it could happen in an instant. Once again, I am reassessing life and thanking God for the precious gift it is. One life will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.

This weekend, due to the feedback, we will stick with decision making according to the Bible. We are not to be superstitious but to use wisdom. Many people are surprised to see that Paul made a bad decision on Acts so we will explore that a little further. I think it will really encourage you to see that even the greatest of saints can make a mistake. The fact that this story is written in the Bible means God wants us to learn from it. This is a study that can help any of you who are making some big decisions to learn some wisdom in what not to do.

I am looking forward to seeing you all this weekend.

Blessings to you my friends,

Pastor Scott




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